Lifeboat called out to Atlantic Rowing boat needing assistance 13nm SW of Station - RNLI Walton and Frinton Lifeboat | Saving Lives at Sea.

Callout No. 24

20thSeptember 2017

Launched on service to Atlantic Rowing boat Sand Saddle Sea 13nm SW of Walton Pier unable to make headway into Burnham On Crouch. Once on scene, two crew members were taken from the rowing boat and a tow was attached with a destination of Burnham Yacht Harbour.

Once just outside of the harbour the tow was released allow the crew to make their own way ashore. The lifeboat then returned to station

Crew:R Farrance, K Bigwood, S Berry, R Bettany, M Rayner, K Leech & D Steggles
Launched: 06:34 RFS: 11:50 Weather: FairWind: S 7Sea: Moderate

Callout No. 23

20thSeptember 2017

Launched to service to assist Royal Navy Divers in the detonation of unexploded ordnance which had been located 1.5nm of off Holland Haven. Royal Navy divers located the 1400LB World War II bomb which had become entangled in fishing nets.

Crew: T Halls, S Berry, R Bettany, J Hale, K Leech, D Steggles
Launched: 10:30RFS: 21:30Weather: FineWind: SW 4 Sea: Slight

Callout No. 20

25thAugust 2017

Launch to motor yacht with medical emergency on board 3 miles NE of Walton Pier, 2 police vessels and Harwich ILB also tasked. Rescue Helicopter 163 put paramedic onto Walton LB to transfer to yacht, casualty transferred to police vessel and landed at Harwich LB station to ambulance.

Yacht taken in tow by Walton LB to Harwich Crew of yacht taken on board Walton LB and landed at Harwich. Later yacht escorted to Levington Marina by LB.

Crew: R Farrance, R Wyatt, S Berry, J Hale & A Luton
Launched: 15:17RFS: 21:40Weather: FineWind: WSW 2/3Sea: Slight

Callout No. 16 / 17

1stAugust 2017

Launched to yacht Dream Catcher aground on rock breakwater at Jaywick 6.5 miles SW from Walton Pier, yacht crew taken off by Clacton ILB, Walton LB stood by until all safely ashore. On return to station, lifeboat diverted to search for person in water off Clacton, person recovered from shore.

Crew: R Farrance, K Bigwood, K Bruce, S Berry, M Rayner, J Hale & K Leech
Launched: 23:37RFS: 01:25Weather: FineWind: SW 3/4Sea: Slight

Callout No. 9

16thJune 2017

Requested to launch to a Dinghy reported drifting out to sea with offshore wind near Burnt House Breakwater. Launch cancelled after dinghy returned to shore unassisted

Launched: 13:55 RFS: Weather: FineWind: W 4Sea: Slight

Callout No. 8

11thJune 2017

Whilst on exercise in Walton Backwaters lifeboat was requested to assist yacht with engine failure at Island Point, crew member put on board to assist. Engine restarted, yacht escorted for short distance until yacht happy to proceed to Titchmarsh Marina.

Crew: T Halls, R Bettany, S Berry, K Leech, D Steggles, J Everett & M Leach
Launched: 12:20 RFS: 13:08Weather: FineWind: SW 5Sea: Slight

Callout No. 7

28thMay 2017

Launched to assist assist with evacuation of injured female who had fallen off of sea wall at the water's edge on Frinton Beach. Y boat deployed to stand by as coastguard put casualty into strecher and removed her from the beach.

Crew: T Halls, K Bigwood, R Bettany, K Bruce, S Berry, K Leech& D Steggles
Launched: 14:06 RFS: 15:00Weather: Sunny and warmWind: W 2/3Sea: Slight
Persons caught on rocks under naze tower - March 2017  - RNLI Walton and Frinton Lifeboat | Saving Lives at Sea.

Callout No. 3

2ndMarch 2017

Launched to assist two people and dogs cut off by tide under Naze Cliffs by very high tide. Y- Boat launched to transfer people and dogs to lifeboat and landed at pier.

Crew: T Halls, K Bigwood, R Wyatt, S Berry, M Rayner, J Hale & K Leech
Launched: 13:25 RFS: 14:39Weather: FineWind: West 3/4Sea: Slight with inshore swell
Motor Boat Soliataire under tow into Titchmarsh Marina 29th January 2017  - RNLI Walton and Frinton Lifeboat | Saving Lives at Sea.

Callout No. 2

29thJanuary 2017

Launched to assistance of 33ft Motor Cruiser Soliataire with 3POB + 1 Dog which had broken down off of the Naze in vicinity of Stone Banks Bouy two miles NE of pier. Once on scene tow attached and vessel taken into Titchmarsh Mairna.

Crew: R Farrance, K Bigwood, R Bettany, M Rayner, J Hale, K Leech & G Openshaw.
Launched: 13:06 RFS: 14:30Weather: DryWind: NillSea: Smooth

Callout No. 1

22ndJanuary 2017

Whilst leaving Harwich after a joint exercise with Harwich LB we were diverted to a suspected capsized dinghy one mile off Felixstow Seafront. Recovreed inflatable helium balloon and returned to station.

Crew: T Halls, R Bettany, K Bruce, S Berry & M Rayner
Diverted: 13:06 RFS: 14:30Weather: Clear SkiesWind: NillSea: Smooth