Callout No. 32

20thOctober 2019

Launched just as our weekly exercise was completed to a 35ft yacht with 3POB that had broken down while trying to make its was to Brightlingsea .

The lifeboat launched promptly, given most of the crew were still at the boathouse following the exercise and located the yacht near Walton pier. After agreeing a tow was the best method of bring the casualties back ashore we proceeded towards brightlingsea. Clacton Lifeboat who were also out on exercise took over the tow at the Bench head buoy for the onward journey to Brightlingsea.

Crew: T. Halls, R. Wyatt, R. Bettany, K. Leech, D. Steggles, P. Hellard & G. Pope.

Callout No. 31

16thOctober 2019

Launched at the requested of Dover Coastguard to reports of a wind surfer in the water and has been for some time off of Frinton On Sea. With the All Weather lifeboat, relief Tamar 16-06 on station, we proceeded towards Frinton

It was soon established that the reported wind surfer was indeed a kite surfer practising his water drills along with a support tender and in no need of assistance.

Crew: T.Halls, R. Farrance K.Bigwood, R. Bettany, S. Berry, D. Steggles & A. Luton
Launched: 08:59RFS: 09:40Weather: GoodWind: Force 2/3Sea: Slight

Callout No. 30

8thOctober 2019

The crew were paged by Dover Coastguard to help an Ocean rowing boat with five people on board which had lost touch with their support vessel and was struggling to make way in deteriorating weather conditions. After locating the rowing boat approximately 12 miles east of WaltonPier the lifeboat took them in tow and made their way towards Harwich.

During the passage back into harbour communication was re-established with the support vessel who were some way off. The support vessel also made its way in the harbour and both boats were moored in Shotley Marina.

Crew: T.Halls, K.Bigwood, K.Bruce, K.Leech, J.Hale & G.Openshaw
Launched: 20:04RFS: 01:50Weather: GoodWind: Force 4/5Sea: Rough

Callout No. 29

5thOctober 2019

Requested by Dover Coastguard to assist in evacuating an injured male from the beach at Southcliff. With the tide flooding there was an urgency to extract the casualty prior to arrival of a land ambulance.

The crew moved the casualty to safety and the ambulance took over. The crew returned to station and were ready for service again by 15:30

Crew: T.Halls, K.Bigwood, R.Bettany, D.Steggles, & S.Bettany
Launched: 14:59RFS: 15:30Weather: GoodWind: Force 3/4Sea: Slight

Callout No. 28

2ndOctober 2019

Requested by Dover Coastguard to assist a 60ft motor barge with two people on board that had lost power and was drifting in the vicinity of the Swin Spitway. With no communication possible with the casualty vessel the lifeboat’s RADAR equipment was used to locate the barge and a crew member put aboard to help attach a tow rope. During the tow towards Brightlingsea it was found that one of the people on the casualty had been injured and was in severe pain.

The lifeboat crew administered first aid and requested further shore assistance to meet them in Brightlingsea. The vessel was secured in harbour at approx. 2100 and the injured man was handed over to the Coastguard team to seek further medical treatment ashore. Walton lifeboat returned to the Pier at 2230.

Crew: T.Halls, R.Farrance, K.Bigwood, K.Bruce, K.Leech, D.Steggles, & L.Battersby
Launched: 18:25RFS: 22:55Weather: GoodWind: Force 3/4Sea: Slight

Callout No. 27

28thSeptember 2019

Following multiple 999 calls Walton lifeboat was paged by Dover Coastguard to assist two anglers who appeared to be in difficulty on Winchester Breakwater just to the South of Walton Pier. Once on scene it was apparent that waves were washing across the breakwater and the two males were clinging to the navigation mark on the end.

It was decided that, to save time, the station’s boarding boat be used to extract the two men. In challenging conditions the boarding boat was steered into position and the two men retrieved and checked over. After assessment they were handed back over into the care of family members.The boarding boat was recovered and made ready for the next service by 1300.

Crew: T.Halls, K.Bigwood, R.Bettany, K.Bruce, S.Berry, K.Leech, D.Steggles, A. Luton & S.Bettany
Launched: 12:35RFS: 13:00Weather: GoodWind: SSW Force 5Sea: Rough

Callout No. 26

28thAugust 2019

Walton & Frinton Lifeboat was requested to launch at 16:54 to an 18ft motor vessel aground on the Pye Sands with 3 POB with the tide falling.

With only a rough position of the casualty known as we proceeded we identified that the casualty was closer to the Walton channel aground on the Pye. With the falling tide it was decided that the Y-Class would be utilised to reach the casualties why the All-Weather lifeboat continued its passage around in deeper water.

Once the Y Class was alongside it was deemed to remove the 3POB to the Tamar for shelter as the tide was still falling. With an anchor laid, and flood tide coming up soon the motor vessel was afloat and a tow was carried out to Titchmarsh Marina where the vessel was moored.

Crew: T.Halls, R.Farrance, K.Bigwood, R.Bettany, D, Steggles, S. Bettany & L. Battersby
Launched: 16:54RFS: 20:00Weather: GoodWind: Force 3Sea: Slight

Callout No. 25

19thAugust 2019

Walton lifeboat was paged by Dover Coastguard to assist a 33m sailing yacht taking on water 20 miles East of station. With 3 vessels standing by both Walton and Harwich lifeboats made best possibles speed to assist the vessel.

Once on scene a pump was put across by our Y Class and the water level was reduced. With the ability to now see where the water was coming from a temporary repair was made to slow the incoming water. The sailing vessel continued to make slow progress towards Harwich where she safely berthed just after 22:00 at Ha’penny Pier.

The lifeboat returned to the berth and made ready for the next server at 23:25

Crew: T.Halls, R.Farrance, K.Bigwood, R.Bettany, R.Wyatt, D.Steggles, & G.Openshaw,
Launched: 17:07RFS: 23:25Weather: GoodWind: Force 6Sea: Moderate

Callout No. 24

17thAugust 2019

Walton lifeboat was paged by Dover Coastguard to reports of an inflatable with a person clinging on approx. 100m from beach at Frinton..

A shore search as well as land search was commenced and the object was located to be some balloons that hd been released and were floating on the surface of the water.

Crew: T. Halls, R. Farrance, K. Bigwood, K. Bruce, D. Steggles & G. Openshaw
Launched: 18:55RFS: 18:58Weather: GoodWind: Force 4Sea: Slight

Callout No. 23

6thAugust 2019

On Tuesday evening Walton Lifeboat was tasked by Dover Coastguard to assist Clacton Lifeboat with a tow. Clacton RNLI had launched to a 28-foot yacht, unsure of their position, suffering from complete power failure and unable to deploy their anchor.

Having initially given his location as being in the area of the River Colne the yacht was eventually located off Frinton. Clacton Lifeboat commenced the tow towards Shotley Marina before handing over to Walton Lifeboat for completion.

While returning to station Clacton’s Lifeboat was requested to check on the welfare of another yacht off the Naze, after 999 calls had been received. Once on scene it was that all was well on board.

Crew: R.Farrance, K.Bruce, S.Berry, G.Openshaw, S.Bettany & T.Peters
Launched: 18:51RFS: 21:30Weather: GoodWind: Force 6Sea: Moderate

Callout No. 22

4thAugust 2019

Whilst launching on a training exercise Walton Lifeboat was tasked by Dover Coastguard to investigate reports of a windsurfer in difficulty SW of Walton Pier head. Once on scene it was found to be a paddle boarder who was fine and making good progress.The lifeboat was released to continue with training.

Crew: S.Berry, R.Wyatt, J.Hale, K.Leech, S.Bettany & G.Pope
Launched: 09:56RFS: 10:30Weather: GoodWind: Force 3 Sea: Calm

Callout No. 21

2ndAugust 2019

Walton Lifeboat was tasked by Dover Coastguard on Friday evening to assist a small yacht that had broken down off Frinton.The two people on board the 33ft craft were making some way under sail but, with darkness falling, were concerned about making safe harbour.

The lifeboat towed the vessel to Titchmarsh Marina before returning to the Pier Head berth shortly after 1am.

Crew: R.Farrance, K.Bigwood, K.Bruce, S.Berry, K.Leech & A.Luton
Launched: 13:36RFS: 14:20Weather: GoodWind: Force 4 Sea: Calm

Callout No. 20

1stAugust 2019

Walton Lifeboat was tasked at lunchtime Thursday to assist a small fishing vessel that had broken down off The Naze.

Once on scene it was found that the two people on board the craft had managed to re-start the engine. The lifeboat escorted the vessel for a short while to ensure everything was alright on board and then returned to station.

Crew: T.Halls, K.Bigwood, R.Bettany, R.Wyatt, M.Rayner, J.Hale & G.Openshaw
Launched: 13:36RFS: 14:20Weather: GoodWind: Force 4 Sea: Calm

Callout No. 19

30thJuly 2019

Launched to a Yacht unable to proceed in strong winds

The strong winds on Tuesday proved too much for a small yacht on passage to the River Crouch as it struggled to sail in the conditions and then lost engine. Another yacht had tried to assist but with the gale force winds and tide pushing them toward the Gunfleet Sands the additional power of the lifeboat was required.

In very challenging conditions three of the lifeboat crew were transferred onto the casualty vessel to help the two people on board and establish a tow. The lifeboat then towed the vessel to Brightlingsea but with such strong winds progress was very slow.

Once alongside in the harbour the lifeboat crew checked the health of the two people on the yacht and then returned to station.

Crew: T.Halls, K.Bigwood, R.Bettany, R.Wyatt, M.Rayner, J.Hale & G.Openshaw
Launched: 11:50RFS: 20:15Weather: PoorWind: Force 8 Sea: Rough

Callout No. 15

26thJuly 2019

Requested to launch by Dover Coastguard to assist a yacht with an over heating engine and unable to sail in light winds. The casualty was positioned 1.2nm from station and attempting to sail.

With the All-Weather lifeboat slipping her moorings and making the short distance to the casualty we were quickly providing assistance to the 1 POB. With the light winds it was requested that a two be established, with this one of our crew members boarded the yacht to assist securing the two.

The yacht was taken into tow to Suffolk Yacht harbour where the owner continued to his mooring under sail and we were released to return to station.

Crew: T. Halls, R. Farrance, R. Wyatt, D. Steggles, A. Luton, G. Openshaw.
Launched: 13:28RFS: 16:10Weather: ClearWind: S Force 2Sea: Slight
Lifeboat called to assist broekn down speed boat - RNLI Walton and Frinton Lifeboat | Saving Lives at Sea.

Callout No. 14

25thJuly 2019

Tasked to speed boat broken down 200m from the beach.

From the lifeboat station it was noticed that a speed boat had stopped and the 1 POB was attempting to restart the engine multiple times to which it failed to start. With the beach patrol jet-ski in the vicinity contact was made to assess if the casualty needed any assistance. With confirmation that the engine was failing to start and a tow was required contact was made with Dover Coastguard.

Within a few minutes the All-Weather Tamar class lifeboat was underway to assist the broken down 12 ft speed boat. With a tow established, the casualty was taken into the Walton backwaters where it was handed over to a local work boat in order to make it to the launch ramp.

Crew: T. Halls, R. Farrance, K. Bigwood, R. Wyatt, K. Leech, D. Steggles.
Launched: 15:53RFS: 17:10Weather: GoodWind: S Force 2Sea: Calm

Callout No. 13

12thJuly 2019

Tasked to vessel aground at the entrance to Walton Backwaters.

Tasked by Dover Coastguard to work with Harwich RNLI Inshore Lifeboat to assist a craft with 11 people on board aground near Stone Point. Walton Lifeboat deployed the smaller Y-Boat which is kept on board to pass a tow line and check welfare of those onboard

As the tide was rising we waited for the vessel to refloat then transfer 10 people onto the Lifeboat before towing the vessel back into Harwich harbour. The craft was then assisted to moor at Harwich by the harwich inshore boat and the Walton lifeboat landed the remaining 10 people at Harwich RNLI station

Crew: T. Halls, K. Bogwood, R. Bettany, M. Rayner, D. Steggles, G. Openshaw & M. Savage.
Launched: 11:47RFS: 15:25Weather: GoodWind: S Force 4Sea: Calm

Callout No. 12

7thJuly 2019

Tasked to a Pan Pan call from a Yacht caught fast on fishing hear of the Naze.

The All weather lifeboat Irene Muriel Rees launched to assist the yacht caught fast on fishing gear. Lifeboat crew member was put on board to help free the fishing gear. Once freed, the yacht was towed into the River Orwell to asses the damage.

The yacht was then able to make its own way to its mooring and the lifeboat returned to station after refuelling in Harwich.

Crew: T. Halls, K. Bruce, S. Berry, K. Leech & S. Bettany
Launched: 11:47RFS: 15:25Weather: GoodWind: S Force 4Sea: Calm

Callout No. 11

29thJune 2019

Tasked to reports of an upturned dinghy of Frinton.

The boarding boat and all weather lifeboat boat Irene Muriel Rees launched to investigate sightings of persons in the water off Queens Road, Frinton

Both boats carried out extensive searches and spoke to other vessels in the area to obtain information. Nothing being found the crew were stood down and retuned to station. The information believed to be a false alarm with good intent.

Crew: T. Halls, R. Farrance, K. Bigwood, R. Bettany, S. Berry, M. Rayner, K. Leech, D. Steggles & S. Bettany
Launched: 16:01RFS: 16:45Weather: GoodWind: S Force 4Sea: Calm
Lifeboat called to medivac from Sailing Barge - RNLI Walton and Frinton Lifeboat | Saving Lives at Sea.

Callout No. 10

11thJune 2019

The volunteer crew of Walton and Frinton RNLI responded to a Pan Pan distress call from a sail training vessel on 12 June, four miles North East of the lifeboat station.

With the Pan Pan distress call acknowledged by Dover coastguard, details were passed that a crew member onboard the sailing vessel had fallen on deck and was suffering from back pain. With this information Dover Coastguard activated the pagers of the volunteer lifeboat crew at 4:53pm just as the working day was ending for many.

With details of the casualty known, the volunteer crew boarded the all-weather Tamar lifeboat and proceeded at best possible speed to rendezvous with the sail training vessel. Once on-scene, three first-aid trained crew members boarded the sail training vessel to undertake a casualty assessment. With concerns the casualty was experiencing some back pain and in the confines of the deck area the casualty was immobilised and made as comfortable as possible.

Soon after the initial assessment had been made updates were provided to the Coastguard, with an extended wait time given from the East of England Ambulance service, it was deemed that the casualty needed to be securely transferred to the lifeboat to allow her to be seen by Felixstowe port paramedic service.

The casualty was safely and securely transferred from the deck of the sailing vessel to the lifeboat within the orange basket stretcher which allowed the lifeboat to moor alongside Felixstowe port where a paramedic crew were waiting.

With the casualty handed over to the care of the port paramedic service, she was taken to Ipswich hospital for further assessment.

Russell Bettany, RNLI Volunteer crew member commented: 'The service call was a perfect example of the training and teamwork coming together to enable us to offer the help required.'

The lifeboat and volunteer crew were released by Dover Coastguard allowing them to return to station, with the lifeboat readied for service at 7:55pm. Crew: T. Halls, R. Farrance, K. Bigwood, R. Bettany, R. Wyatt, M. Rayner, J. Hale & D. Steggles

Launched: 17:12 RFS: 19:50 Weather: GoodWind: E force 4Sea: Slight

Callout No. 09

7thJune 2019

Walton and Frinton RNLI all-weather lifeboat was launched at the request of Dover Coastguard on Friday 7 June at 11:33am to a 8 metre yacht in difficulty 2.5 miles from station.

The volunteer lifeboat crew launched their Tamar Class all-weather lifeboat into strengthening Easterly winds to assist an 8m yacht, with 2 crew on board, that had suffered engine failure 2.5 miles South-east of the lifeboat station.

Once the lifeboat and the volunteer crew were on the scene, at the request of the yacht's skipper a tow was established in order to get them back safely in the deteriorating weather. With the tow underway it was agreed to take the yacht to Titchmarsh Marina where the yacht was secured and the yacht's crew could make arrangements for repairs. With the yacht safely alongside, Dover Coastguard released the lifeboat allowing it to return to station.

Trevor Halls, Walton and Frinton RNLI Coxswain, said: ‘Mechanical failure can happen at any time, and the crew of the yacht made the sensible decision to reported their issue quickly with the deteriorating weather allowing our volunteer lifeboat crew to respond swiftly."

Crew: T. Halls, K. Bigwood, R. Wyatt, S. Berry, D. Steggles, A. luton
Launched: 11:33 RFS: 15:10 Weather: roughWind: E force 6/7Sea: Rough

Callout No. 07 & No. 08

6thJune 2019

Thursday June 6 saw Walton and Frinton RNLI crew paged at 9am to assist a yacht near the Naze.

The yacht, with two people on board, had been on its way from Walton Backwaters to Heybridge when it become entangled in fishing gear just a couple of miles north of Walton Pier.

Once on scene the lifeboat crew managed to get hold of the rope hampering the yacht but were unable to free them. The line had to be cut but with its rudder jammed the yacht was unable to make its own way so had to be towed to Titchmarsh Marina. Once alongside the pontoon the rudder could be freed and the propeller and keel of the boat checked.The lifeboat then escorted the yacht back to its own mooring in the river to ensure no further damage had been done.

As the lifeboat was leaving Walton Backwaters it was hailed by another vessel which was aground on Stone Point. The crew were able to reassure the crew of the Atlantic rowing boat and offer advice on what to do to make the re-floating process easier. They also checked on the welfare of the two people on board as they had sometime to wait for the tide to reach them.

With both boats safely attended to the volunteer crew then returned to their berth at the Pier and were back to their working day by 1pm.

Walton and Frinton Lifeboat volunteer RNLI crew member John Hale said afterwards 'it would appear that the unlucky yachtsman had sailed over a submerged, but buoyant, lobster pot rope which, in the shallow water became entangled around the yacht's propeller and rudder. These inshore waters are actively fished but unfortunately not all the gear is visible on the surface.'

Crew: K. Bigwood, R. Wyatt, S. Berry, M. Rayner, J. Hale, G. Openshaw
Launched: 09:18 RFS: 12:50 Weather: GoodWind: SE Force 3Sea: Slight

Callout No. 06

1stJune 2019

Saturday June 1 saw the pagers activate at 11:24 for the volunteers of Walton and Frinton RNLI to assist with the search for an upturned dinghy 21 miles East of station.

Reports had been made o Dover coastguard by a passing ship that a small dinghy was upturned 21 miles East of the Lifeboat Station in the vicinity of the traffic separation scheme. With Rescue 163 heading to the scene, the Tamar all-weather Lifeboat (ALB) made best possible speed to assist with the search.

As the volunteer crew onboard the ALB approached the scene Rescue 163 reported that they had located the upturned dinghy and dropped a location flare to guide the Lifeboat in. With the dinghy recovered onboard Dover Coastguard request that the crew undertake a search of the area.

With the search completed and Dover coastguard satisfied that the area had been extensively covered, with no further information coming forward the crew were stood down and allowed to return to station.

Crew: T. Halls, S. Berry, D. Steggles, A. Luton, G. Openshaw, S. Bettany, T. Peters, L. Battersby,
Launched: 11:24 RFS: 15:48 Weather: GoodWind: SE Force 3Sea: Calm

Callout No. 05

21stMay 2019

Walton and Frinton RNLI launched on Tuesday 21 May at 10:26am at the request of Dover Coastguard to go to the aid of a yacht in difficulty.

The 44ft yacht was on passage from Holland when he was becalmed and suffered engine failure 23 miles East of the Walton & Frinton Lifeboat station. The yacht had been making good headway until the wind dropped and a fuel pump issue stopped the engine soon after it was started.

With the yacht close to the Inner Gabbard Windfarm, a support vessel Challenger commenced a tow to bring the yacht out of danger. With the all-weather lifeboat (ALB) making best possible speed to meet the yacht and Challenger a rendezvous was arranged.

With the transfer of tow completed a course was set for Titchmarsh Marina where the casualty was safely moored and the ALB was released to return to station to be readied for service again.

Crew: T. Halls, K. Bigwood , S. Berry, D. Steggles, A. Luton, G. Openshaw,
Launched: 09:53 RFS: 15:48 Weather: GoodWind: E Force 2Sea: Slight

Callout No. 04

12thMay 2019

The volunteer crew of Walton and Frinton RNLI had their Sunday morning 'exercise' turned into a real-life shout.

The crew were just launching on a training exercise on Sunday May 12 when a call came in that an injured man had been found by a member of the public on the sea wall at Frinton.

Both the station's boarding boat and Tamar all-weather Lifeboat (ALB) were used to quickly get casualty care specialists and equipment to the Walings beach to help stabilise the casualty until an ambulance arrived. An off-duty doctor was also able to attend and reassure the gentleman.

A Coastguard team also assisted with access and helped move the casualty to safety.

The lifeboat's pain-relief equipment and specialist stretcher were used to prepare the casualty for the transfer to a road ambulance which arrived some time later.

Once the hand over to the ambulance service had been completed the ALB proceeded with the exercise as planned.

Volunteer crew member Simon Berry, who was one of those who treated the casualty, said: 'This was a really good team effort with all agencies as well as members of the public coming together to assist this gentleman at a very difficult time. 'Due to the nature of his injuries he was in a lot of pain and was some distance from the ambulance access point. We were able to make him more comfortable until he could be transferred to hospital.'

Crew: T. Halls, R. Bettany, S. Berry, K. Leech, G. Openshaw, T. Peters, J. Everett
Launched: 10:05 RFS: 11:30 Weather: GoodWind: S Force 2Sea: Slight

Callout No. 03

6thMay 2019

The volunteers of Walton and Frinton RNLI launch to assist a broken down fishing boat Leo four miles from station.

As the end of Bank Holiday Monday (6 May) was approaching the pagers were activated at 5:50pm at the request of Dover Coastguard to assist a 27 foot (ft) fishing boat which had engine failure.

Located four miles North of the station the lifeboat was quickly on scene, with the fishing boat based out of the near by Titchmarsh Marina it was a short tow towards the Walton backwaters. With the low water conditions it was agreed that another local boat would take over the tow for the final journey back into Titchmarsh Marina where the vessel was safely berthed.

The lifeboat was able to return to station and made ready for the next service call at 7:31pm

Crew: T. Halls, K. Bigwood, R. Bettany, K. Bruce, S. Berry, G. Openshaw
Launched: 18:45 RFS: 19:31Weather: GoodWind: NW Force 2Sea: Slight

Callout No. 02

19thApril 2019

Walton and Frinton all-weather lifeboat (ALB) was launched on Friday April 19 at approx 9.45 pm to the assistance of a yacht with two people on board that had put out a Pan-Pan urgency call.

The 33 foot long ketch, which was approx 11 miles ESE of Walton Pier, had been aground on the Long Sand and had re-floated but there was concern that it may have sustained damage.

The lifeboat was able to rendezvous with the vessel and assure Dover Coastguard that the yacht was able to proceed under it's own power. It was then requested that the lifeboat escort the yacht through the busy Inner Sunk ship anchorage.

Once clear of the anchorage the ALB then provided the yacht with a course for their next destination before returning to the pier mooring just before midnight.

RNLI Volunteer crew member Miranda Rayner commented: 'The outcome of a grounding of this sort can sometimes be very different but on this occasion conditions were relatively calm so the yacht was able to make its own way on to the River Deben once we had escorted them through the anchorage.

Crew: T, halls, R. Farrance, S. Berry, M. Rayner, K. Leech,G. Openshaw
Launched: 21:45RFS: 00:15Weather: GoodWind: NW Force 3Sea: Slight

Callout No. 01

20thMarch 2019

Launched on service to take over a tow of a broken down angling vessel some 8 NM ENE of Walton Pier. They had been assisted with a tow by another RNLI All Weather lifeboat which had been in passage to sheerness.

The tow had been taken over, with the vessel being towed towards Harwich Harbour. Just outside the harbour the crew of the angling boat had managed to repair their engine and managed to continue on their way back to Levington Marina.

Station spokesman Dale Steggles said: 'This was a great example of the team work across the RNLI fleet to help those in trouble at sea. The two crews had never met before but worked together to bring a successful outcome for these fishermen.'

Crew: R. Farrance, K. Bigwood, S. Berry, M. Rayner J. Hale, D. Steggles, .
Launched: 10:53RFS: 13:00Weather: GoodWind: W Force 3Sea: Slight